What to Wear

What to wear to make the most out of your session!

·        No white or extremely light colored tops.  Jeans are always ok, but stick with dark denim, especially for the guys!

·        Keep it simple!  Remember, today’s trends may be gone tomorrow, so avoid wearing anything that will make your photo look dated in six months.

·        Avoid clothing with pictures, writing or large logos!  Prints are ok, but avoid small prints like tiny dots or flowers.

·        Bright colors, busy patterns, stripes, plaids, polka dots, tank tops, mini-skirts, short shorts and baggy or super tight clothing all take the attention away from the subject.

·        Please avoid neon if at all possible, including your shoes as it may not print well and draws attention away from your smiling faces!

·        Dresses on little girls is fine but remember, more times than not, little girls do not sit with their legs crossed.  To avoid her undies showing in the photos, consider a pair shorts or leggings underneath the dress!

·        The photographer shoots from different angles to make the face it’s most flattering.  Some angles expose more cleavage than we’d like. So women, please know that low necklines might be even more revealing in final photos. If you aren’t happy about your arms, neck, etc., wear a scarf or sleeves to cover them.

·        Avoid any sudden (and potentially unflattering) changes immediately before the portrait– no tanning booth visit or new hairstyle the week before your portrait.

What colors work best?

·        Darker clothing will be more slimming than very light colors, but the best color for you is based on your complexion, eye and hair coloring.

·        Your friends and family are a great resource.  Don’t be afraid to ask them which color they like best on you!

·        If you are having a family or group portrait, you’ll want to coordinate everyone’s clothing to avoid a visual disaster. We want to avoid a clash of patterns and colors.

·        Remember to be subtle, coordinate clothes around a common color theme rather than having everyone wear the exact same thing.  Remember, we do not dress this way in real life.  Instead you can pick out individual pieces that go very well together and truly complement each other.

·        Don’t like your toes?  Don’t forget to consider your shoes and socks. Group portraits are often full-length, and you may not be able to hide your feet.

·        Wrinkles are difficult to remove effectively in Photoshop, so if you’ve picked an outfit that wrinkles easily, iron it and then don’t put it on until the last minute.

Sunglasses & Vision Glasses

·        Glasses reflect light and everything else!  Often times, this cannot be corrected in post-processing.  People wearing glasses are encouraged to remove them at least 15 minutes before the session. This also gives your nose time to get rid of any redness or indentations from the frames.

Hair & Face

·        Remember to wash and style your hair early on the day of your session to allow it time to relax.  If you can, it may be best to wash your hair the night before, to make styling it the day of a lot easier!

·        Men who tend to have five o’clock shadows should plan a quick shave before photos taken late in the day.

·        If you have a lazy eye, ears that always stick out in photos, or another feature you don’t like, be sure to mention it to the photographer. We can often pose you in a way that hides you least favorite characteristics.

·        Get a good night’s sleep the night before to avoid bags or circles around your eyes.  And save any plans to drink alcohol for after your session.  Drinking the night before tends to show on the face and skin, even if you don’t think so.


Remember to just be you and relax!  We all start off a little bit nervous in front of the camera, but I assure you, I will do everything I can to help you shake those nerves.  My goal is to get you in and out so that you can go on with your day and I can get to work on your photos! If you are totally relaxed and your eyes and smile are genuine, your portrait will be its best and the session can end sooner!