Josh & Simran: Happily Ever After

Have you ever watched a romantic movie and thought to yourself, “That doesn’t happen in real life!”  The story usually goes something like this: boy meets girl while visiting a far away land, they fall instantly in love but have to say goodbye too soon.  Their chemistry is undeniable and they can’t stand to be apart.  So boy packs up the life he knows and moves to that far away land to be with girl.  And they live happily ever after.

It seems like a fairy tale, right?  For many of us it is, but not for Josh and Simran!  This fairy tale is their love story exactly!  In this case, that (not-so) far away land is Canada!  I loved hearing about how they met and stayed in touch until they could be together again. 

It’s now a year later and they are celebrating their anniversary, and Simran’s first visit to the United States, with a couples portrait session!  That chemistry they first felt is still there and going strong!  I couldn’t help but smile as much as they did during our session.  Take a look at some of the photos from their collection and see if you have the same reaction.

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