The Moment It Clicked!

Photography has been a part of my life for as far back as I can remember.  Growing up with cameras at the ready, to capture every milestone, birthday, and random burst of joy.  From my dad’s Polaroid to my mom’s Kodak and every disposable camera in between, I have always been drawn to photography.  The “One-Hour Photo” always felt like the longest hour of my life!

High school was my first introduction to photography beyond just taking photos, when I elected my first course.  I was finally able to get more in depth into photography by actually editing and developing my own images!  I began by taking photos of my friends, pets, and anything that caught my eye in my day-to-day life.  My passion and curiosity for photography continued into college, as I started with an introductory course.  The smells of developer in the dark room, the endless strips of negatives waiting to come to life, and the mystery of each image unfolding before my eyes.  Partnered with the camaraderie between my classmates, instructor and I, a group of peers eager to express our individuality through a shared adoration, this is where I was meant to be.  I developed admiration for my teacher, who quickly became my friend, whose teachings are pertinent to this day.   It was also in college that I was introduced to digital photography and Adobe Photoshop.  As my proficiency with digital photography still increasing, my skills have gone far beyond basic editing and retouching.  I now create unique images and enhance my photos to show the world exactly what I see in my mind.

In 2013, I started creating custom holiday greeting cards for my close friends and family.  I would shoot their photos and create personalized themed cards that they mailed out to their loved ones!  I had no clue that this simple idea would be the one to change my life by propelling me to becoming a professional photographer!  The holiday cards were a hit and a stepping stone to starting my own business where I have now turned my passion into my profession.  I eventually saved enough money from my small jobs to buy my first professional camera.

In 2014, I officially went into business as “Lisa Marz Photography”.  I have since expanded beyond doing jobs for friends and family into my main focus, family portraits.  However, I regularly get requests for professional headshots, real estate, weddings, and more.  In the spirit of my humble beginnings, I continue do holiday greeting cards every year starting in October.

I am an example that you can turn your passion into your profession.  It is never too late to find your purpose, to change your life and to follow your dreams.  I am constantly learning new techniques to improving my skills as a photographer, editor, business owner, and now, blogger.

Don’t wish for it, work for it.